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Why do I need a financial Plan?


Many of us meander through life without ever giving a thought to financial planning.  For many years we seem to do just fine until we encounter a financial road block, one of the "life cycle events" shown above, or we reach our fifties only to realize that we do not have a sound plan or sufficient savings for the retirement we have dreamed of.  By that time it is generally too late to save for that cherished retirement without making drastic life style changes for the next decade or two.  There is a better way.

Our goal is to demonstrate that financial planning is a lifelong task.  You can enter the cycle at any point; but, the later in life you begin to plan, the harder the climb to reach your financial goals.  To take the maximum advantage of the time value of money in your savings and investment programs, it is imperative to start early in the cycle and look ahead.
When looking at events like children's education or retirement, you will see that planning and savings must start years before any particular event.  For an expanded view of planning considerations in each phase of the planning cycle, please click on the appropriate topic.
Selecting a financial service professional is an important decision. You will want an experienced individual who is able to serve all your needs, yet can also provide individual attention and take the time to answer your questions.  You also will want a fee based, registered professional to control your management costs.

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